Rock Remover

Rock Removwer

A quick and effective cleaning can be done with the stone collecting machine. One of the biggest benefits of this effective cleaning is the prevention of seed loss. In addition, the effective cleaning of the stone of the agricultural land prevents the machines that use the harvest time from being damaged by the stones.


The hydraulic drawbar (HÇA), which is a revolutionary innovation, allows the machine to take its movement from the hydraulic arms, not from the drawbar. The vertical movement capability of the hydraulic arms makes it easier for the machine to go deeper than the soil surface and thus to perform much higher. In addition, the movement taken from the hydraulic arms allows equal distribution of the load and less fuel consumption by consuming less power.


The pallet system, which is used only by Yüksel Tarım in the world, is out of standards, supported by linings and springs; It prevents abnormal sized stones from damaging your machine. This system, which saves you from high maintenance costs, prevents damage by protecting itself in very large stones.


The tank, which is made of quality material, works without deformation even under heavy loads, and due to its design, it has a structure equipped with hydraulic fibers in order to reach higher during discharge.

This system, which was developed to prevent damage to the machine at abnormal elevations that you may encounter in the field, raises the mouth of the machine up to 1 meter via front lifts, allowing it to pass through the height safely.