A feed mixer is an agricultural machine that farmers use for the mixing of feed ingredients and premises. Feed Mixer machine is one of the Livestock equipment which is so important for your cows.

The Feed Mixer Machine chops hay, straw, and clover bales and mixes them with corn silage, chopped beet or pulp, and other feeding materials homogenically and then distributes the mixture.

Benefits of using Maymach feed mixers:

It decreased incidences of digestive and metabolic problems,
Using Feed Mixer increase milk production yield,
Thanks to the feed mixer less feed waste and less sorting…

We have many types of Feed Mixers from 2M³ to 20 M³ as horizontal and vertical feed mixers. Our main target is producing and providing high-quality agricultural machines and Feed Mixer is one of our machines. After you start to use the feed mixer you will be surprised about changes in the cows. Cows will consume less feed and It will reduce your feed cost. Your cows are going to be more robust and massive. Feed mixer wagons will help your cow’s digestive problems and mean less vet cost and a high milk yield.

The auger system, produced from high-strength material, performs the mixing process homogeneously without the need for pre-cutting of all feeds. As a result of the mixing process, the feed in the chamber is conveyed by the band system, providing you with great convenience.

If you don’t want to lose your time the Maymach Feed Mixer will be your best machine and friend. Besides these advantages, you will have healthy cows, less cost, and high efficiency. We will be at your service with high-quality machines and competitive prices.