Manure Spreader

As Maymach, we prioritize product quality and customer satisfaction. That’s why we use the best quality products. Maymach transmissions are one of the largest transmissions on the market and are produced in preparation for all conditions.


*one of the biggest commercial boxes in the market

*designed for sealed for life

*bold shafts and high powered drivelines, included elimination rocks and other staff

*greasable long-life bearings used throughout, providing smooth transfer of power and unmatched reliability.

Using rubber balls on the machines allows the machine to move comfortably in all terrain conditions. Used only on high-class machines and these rubbers greatly increase suspension. MAYMACH solid manure spreader’s suspension system is designed to minimize vibration, shock loading to it and maximize usage and stability.


We are removing the spiral or auger systems that have been used for years from the history page. new design distributes the fertilizer homogeneously up to 25 m distance depending on the terrain conditions.

* save you from high maintenance costs and short-term use

* designed to be robust with its 25 mm thickness and to distribute the fertilizer as far as possible with its free release system

*long distance spreading

* resists to rocks and other hard objects

4 heat treated chains, with a combined breaking strain of 48 tonnes, and socketed floor slats are driven by a 50mm diameter, six-sprocket high tensile floor drive shaft with variable speed control.

*high heat treated steel

*extra strong, superior durabilty chains

* spreaded the manure also you can carry corn, sliage and all kind of grain.

Tandem Sistemi

MAYMACH solid manure spreader is desinged to handle difficult terrain conditions.

*Equipped a beamed, suspension system which not sinking

*Full mobility

*Always in contact with the ground