Drum Mover

Maymach drum mowers guarantee a high flow of forage without the risk of clogging, offering cutting quality and working stability. Available with working widths of up to 3 m, it can be coupled to tractors of up to 90 HP.

Manure Spreader

As Maymach, we have created a flawless machine with our long-term studies and experience. These machines have been produced in accordance with all adverse conditions in farming. We combined convenience and durability in our products, where we use the highest quality materials.

Feed Mixer

A feed mixer is an agricultural machine that farmers use for the mixing of feed ingredients and premises. Feed Mixer machine is one of the Livestock equipment which is so important for your cows.   The Feed Mixer Machine chops hay, straw, and clover bales and mixes them with corn silage, chopped beet or pulp, […]

Rock Remover

One of the biggest advantages of stone collector for farmers is time saving. Stone cleaning done by human power in stony agricultural lands takes a lot of time and is not effective. In manual cleaning, the stones under the ground where the seed will be placed may not be cleaned.